Shangchul Mahadev – Temple for couples and lovers.

Kullu Valley is called the ‘Valley of Gods’ but I had not even heard about this village called Shangarh. Shangchul Mahadev Temple( 6300 FEET) in Sainj Valley.  Sangchul Mahadev Blesses especially to them who have been Abandoned by society and shower his blessing to the romantic couples.

A meadow ringed with pine trees overlooked by snowy mountains and the Shangchul Mahadev Temple.                                                                                              

FRONT VIEW OF SHANGHUL MAHADEV (PARVATI VALLEY): The Shangchul Grounds are one of the finest pine savannas you will ever see. Located in Shangher Village (शांघड़ ) of Sainj Valley of Kullu Region, this grassland actually lies in the heart of the Great Himalayan National Park’s (GHNP) Western boundary.

Pandava’s actually fine sieved the soil before laying them in layers for the construction of this ground. And this ground is literally free from any boulder or stone mass.

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VIEW OF SHANGCHUL MAHADEV                                                                                      

The Pandavas are believed to have stuck these stones in the ground to divide the meadows into two parts… One half for the cattle and one half for the Gods.



What is the right season to reach Shangarh?
All seasons have their own charm. The summer is, of course, the easiest to reach. I think the roads will be slippery in the rain. Winters may also be too cold but the snowy landscape has its own attraction.

What are the accommodation options in Shangarh? 
You can stay at the place mentioned above, i.e. Ranaji’s Homestay that doesn’t yet have a proper name. But it is located very near to the grounds and the Shangchul ji Temple. Also, I think some more homestays are coming up in the region. You can also consider the GHNP guesthouse just before Neuli.



Detailed Itinerary Plan for a Spiritual Journey to Shangchul Mahadev

Are you seeking a soulful escape to a place where spirituality intertwines with natural beauty? Look no further than Shangchul Mahadev, a hidden gem nestled amidst the majestic mountains. This detailed itinerary will guide you through an enchanting journey to Shangchul Mahadev, where you can rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

Shangchul Mahadev, a mystical destination known for its serene ambiance and spiritual significance, beckons travelers seeking inner solace and a connection with the divine. Tucked away in the heart of majestic mountains, this spiritual haven offers an exceptional opportunity to embark on a transformative journey.

Getting There

Before you embark on this soul-enriching expedition, it’s important to plan your travel. The nearest airport is Bhuntr or Chandigarh Airport, and from there, you can hire a taxi or use public transportation to reach Shangchul Mahadev. Make sure to book your accommodations in advance to ensure a hassle-free stay.

Day 1: Arrival and Acclimatization

As you arrive, take a deep breath and soak in the crisp mountain air. Allow yourself time to acclimatize to the elevation and unwind from your journey. Check into your chosen accommodation and take a leisurely stroll around the area to familiarize yourself with the surroundings.

Day 2: Exploring the Sacred Grounds

The heart of Shangchul Mahadev is its sacred grounds. Head to the main temple, where you can witness devotees engaged in prayer and meditation. Marvel at the intricate architecture and soak in the spiritual energy that permeates the air.

Day 3: Trekking to Serenity

Kickstart your day with an invigorating trek to the nearby hills. The panoramic views of the surrounding landscape are bound to leave you in awe. As you hike, embrace the silence and let the beauty of nature engulf you.

Day 4: Connecting with Nature
Find a peaceful spot to sit and meditate, or simply observe the flora and fauna around you. Allow the serenity of the environment to inspire introspection and self-discovery.

Day 5: Immersing in Local Culture
Immerse yourself in the local culture by interacting with the friendly villagers. Engage in conversations, learn about their way of life, and perhaps even participate in a traditional dance or art workshop.

Day 6: Reflecting and Meditating
Dedicate this day to deep reflection and meditation. Find a tranquil spot, close your eyes, and let your thoughts drift away. Feel the energy of Shangchul Mahadev infuse your being as you delve into your inner self.

Day 7: Bid Farewell with a Full Heart
As your journey nears its end, take one last walk around the sacred grounds. Express gratitude for the experiences you’ve gained and the serenity you’ve found. Bid farewell to Shangchul Mahadev, knowing that its essence will stay with you.

Accommodation Options
Shangchul Mahadev offers a range of accommodation options, from cozy guesthouses to rustic cottages. Choose a place that aligns with your preferences and allows you to immerse yourself fully in the spiritual atmosphere.

Packing Essentials for a Spiritual Retreat
When packing for your journey, consider including comfortable clothing, sturdy walking shoes, a journal for reflections, and a reusable water bottle. Remember, simplicity is key during this spiritual retreat.

Guidelines for Respecting Local Customs
Respect the local customs and traditions by dressing modestly and following the guidelines set by the temple authorities. Seek permission before taking photographs of individuals, and always approach local rituals with reverence.

Safety Measures and Precautions
While Shangchul Mahadev is a safe destination, it’s essential to take precautions. Carry a basic first aid kit, stay hydrated, and inform your accommodation about your daily plans. Stay on designated paths during treks and hikes.

Indulge in Culinary Delights
Savor the flavors of the region by trying local delicacies. From nourishing soups to aromatic teas, the cuisine of Shangchul Mahadev is a treat for the senses. Engage with locals to learn about the ingredients and preparation methods.

Capture Memories: Photography Tips
Preserve the memories of your spiritual journey through photography. Capture the play of light and shadows, the intricate details of the temple architecture, and the breathtaking landscapes. Remember, each photo tells a unique story.

A pilgrimage to Shangchul Mahadev is more than a physical journey – it’s a transformative experience that nurtures the soul. Amidst the mountains and the spiritual energy, you’ll find a deeper connection with yourself and the universe.

Is Shangchul Mahadev suitable for solo travelers?
Absolutely! Shangchul Mahadev welcomes solo travelers seeking introspection and spiritual growth.

Are there any age restrictions to visit the temple?
No, visitors of all ages can explore the temple and its surroundings.

What is the best time of year to visit for pleasant weather?
The months of [Month Name] to [Month Name] offer mild weather and clear skies, making it ideal for a visit.

Can I participate in temple rituals as a non-devotee?
While active participation might be limited, you can observe and appreciate the rituals.

Are there any nearby attractions to explore?
Yes, Kullu and Manali are worth visiting for their natural beauty.

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