Journey to explore an online traveling company started when a group of friends decided to make something out of their common passion for travel. Armed with a wide array of experience brought by their many travels within India and abroad, these friends bonded together to form Journey to explore an online traveling portal.

Today, itself of being a premier travel service company committed to making travel safe, fun, exciting and hassle-free for its customers. It is through these fundamentals that the Company aims to grow and cement its mark as an online travel agency of choice in the industry. We look forward to the future and envision Bridges Travel & Tours to become the leading travel agency in India. This means leadership in terms of revenue and profitability growth, sustained robustness in operating cash flow, ever increasing customer base, and a dedicated work force that are the envy of the industry.

We are committed to providing our clients with best value solutions in their travel needs; offering them professional yet personalized service at reasonable and competitive prices. With the above vision and mission, we are optimistic that we have the roadmap in moving Bridges Travel and Tours to newer heights. And while we are confident that our zeal to our mission will allow us to reach new heights.